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What is the first thing we do when someone hurts us? Let’s be honest: we defend ourselves. And if we are even more honest, we must admit that one of our most elemental instincts also comes into play: the desire for revenge.

However, to fend for ourselves rather than turn to God when we have been hurt only robs us of peace and contentment.

You no longer need to depend on others to experience true peace. Regain control of your life and allow God to take control of you.

god is your defender rosie rivera

About the book

Rosie Rivera knows what it is like to feel deep relational wounds and to want to hurt someone in the same way that you have been hurt. God is Your Defender, is raw as it is full of hope, is a powerful invitation from Rosie to receive God’s peace in the face of pain so that you don’t fall into the trap of constant anger.

With biblical knowledge and hard-earned wisdom, Rosie gives you the tools and inspiration you need to navigate through minor irritations, lasting wounds, and even your weaknesses while resting in the God who is always ready to defend you.

God is Your Defender, draws on Rosie Rivera’s extraordinary story of restoration to show you how:

To put aside past pain without denying that it happened

Discern whether you are acting in a vengeful spirit

Offer forgiveness without expecting the other person to earn it

Understand how your fears, memories, and anger affect your relationships

Overcome your internal dialogue

Being a defender for others while allowing God to take the initiative

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What can you find in this book?

Backed by biblical examples and personal stories, Rosie guides you to a place of healing as:

You learn the difference between a supportive heart and a vengeful spirit

You effectively discern when to take a stand and when to back off and let God defend you

You stop the self-destructive cycle of unresolved revenge

You experience how to change an “eye for an eye” mentality to an “I for an I” by changing “I’m hurt” to “I’m healed”

God is Your Defender is about understanding the motives behind your thoughts and behaviors toward those who have hurt you, the conditions imposed for forgiveness, fighting the urge to take control instead of trusting God. It is about learning to rest in the Lord as the One who defends you and to remain in His peace.

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Let God do what he does best

Rosie Rivera has experienced this tension in the search for healing and wholeness in the light of horrible evils. She has struggled with the desire to defend herself and her family, and the desire to let God be her advocate.


dios es tu defensor rosie rivera

Rosie Rivera is a writer, entrepreneur, and administrator of Jenni Rivera Enterprises, as well as a speaker, author, and influential international public figure. As a survivor and counselor, Rosie uses her platform to encourage, motivate and give hope to victims of sexual abuse.

Rosie has co-hosted some of the best Spanish language morning shows such as Despierta América and Un Nuevo Día; she also presents—together with her husband—a wedding podcast called The Power of Us on Revolver Podcast. Rosie has participated and starred in reality shows such as I Love Jenni, The Riveras, Mira Quien Baila, and Rica Famosa Latina, currently on Netflix.

Rosie is happily married to worshipper Abel Flores, with whom she lives in Lakewood, California, in the company of her three children: Kassey, Sammy, and Eli.

Receive God’s peace in the face of pain rather than fall into the trap of ongoing anger.

rosie rivera

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god is your defender rosie rivera


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