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Other Bilingual Resources

de quien soy libro

Whose Am I? /¿De quién soy?Whose Am I? shares true life experiences about adoption, redemption, and finding our true identity in Christ, while providing opportunities to ask questions and engage in conversations that are often difficult for families to address.

buenas noches angelitos 2

'Tis the season for joy! Celebrate the family fun and season's blessings of Christmas with a young arctic fox as your family remembers that Jesus is the best gift of all. Amy Parker's delightful rhymes and Virginia Allyn's sweet illustrations make Night Night, Angel – Bilingual edition the perfect read-aloud for toddlers and preschoolers enjoying the Christmas season.

eres extraordinario englihsn

Craig and Samantha Johnson celebrate children with unique gifts and challenges in their book through rhymes and colorful illustrations. Covers topics such as autism, ethnic and physical diversity, physical limitations and adoptions. Includes a letter to parents offering encouragement and reminders of love and support.

biblia facil de leer

Easy to Read Bible

The Easy to Read Bible – Bilingual uses simple words to tell timeless Bible stories. This way, first readers can practice their reading and get to know the Bible at the same time.

  • Features English and Spanish text so readers can learn to read in both languages at the same time
  • Contains 3 stories lengths, so you can select a story that is just right for your reading time, no matter how much practice time is available
  • Provides an excellent overview of what the Bible is all about
  • Amazing full color biblical illustrations
  • Perfect for homeschooling

Only You Can Be You

What Makes You Different Makes You Great

Some kids like to dance and laugh out loud, and some sit quietly and make up stories in their heads--we're all different and that's okay, because the Maker of everything made us this way!

In their first picture book, bestselling author Sally Clarkson and her son Nathan encourage children on the journey to discovering their strengths. The mother-and-son duo draws on themes from their first book, Different, the emotive story of Nathan's experiences growing up with mental illness and learning disabilities and Sally's journey to loving him unconditionally. With the powerful truth that what makes you different makes you great, Only You Can Be You will help children embrace their differences and celebrate the differences in others.

The irresistible rhymes paired with Tim Warnes's whimsical illustrations encourage your children with reassurance in their own uniqueness. Whether they are quiet or artistic, funny or boisterous, your children will love this heartwarming read that assures them they're wonderful exactly as they are.

Only You Can Be You:

  • Features a diverse cast of children
  • Is for kids of all ages, ages 3-12
  • Is a great resource for kids who feel like they don't fit in or that no one understands them
  • Is an encouraging read for neurodiverse children and children on the spectrum

God, I Know You're There

Look closely and you can see God's touch all over creation. Like the sun, God is warm. Like the stars, God is dazzling. Like the wind, God is all around, everywhere. God, I Know You're There, by bestselling author Bonnie Rickner Jensen and illustrator Lucy Fleming, reminds children of the nearness and goodness of God. Children will discover that God never leaves their side, even if they can’t see or feel Him.

Each page will help children understand the many things in the world we can't see, touch, or hear are just as real as God is. And even if God feels distant, He is real and He is near.

This book is in the God, I Know series.